Lifestyle Design Masterclass


October 28th  2023

11-3pm EST

8am-12 noon PST


In this 4-hour live Masterclass, I’ll be sharing everything I do to heal, build and THRIVE in today’s economy. 

 There will be available and there will be 3 CLARITY SEATS throughout the class where I coach 3 people LIVE in any area of their life. 

What Is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle design is the practice of designing one's life based on their individual needs and desires. It's about creating a life that is both fulfilling and sustainable, rather than simply following the conventional societal expectations. Lifestyle design requires careful consideration of one's values, goals, and passions, and making deliberate choices to align one's life accordingly. This session will explore the concept of lifestyle design in detail, its benefits, and how individuals can go about designing their own lifestyle.

 The Benefits?

Learn how to let go, decrease stress, improve overall well-being, live consciously, clarify your priorities and create a life that’s in alignment with your purpose. 

 Overall we will learn to prioritize and create daily space for our own peace and design our lives for optimal health and well-being, using my unique heal, build and thrive method. 

The Agenda..

  • Top resources I use to heal and raise my vibration 
  • Top resources I use to build my relationships, team and lifestyle 
  • Top resources I use to thrive in today’s economy 
  • How to determine your rates 
  • How to create passive income with what you’re most passionate about 
  • How to find work/life harmony 
  • Rituals to destress and energize daily
  • Rituals to detox and purify your body and home
  • Transformational letter writing and the importance of forgiveness  


 The Results:

  • Clarity on what life coaching tools work best for you.
  • Clarity on your dream life vision.
  • Motivation to begin creating your dream life.
  • Knowledge on the latest wellness hacks, tools, methods from the best experts.



My Lifestyle Design Method Consists Of 3 Pillars:

Pillar 1: Heal


Identifying and acknowledging painful emotions, trauma and limiting beliefs from the past to process, dissolve and transmute them into higher vibrations of love. 

Pillar 2: Build


Identifying people, places and things that raise your vibration and intentionally designing your life around those things, finding your A team and nurturing a community that nurtures you back. 

Pillar 3: Thrive


Clarifying how you can turn your passions into passive income that nurtures you and builds your legacy.



How It Works: 





1. As soon as you purchase the masterclass you’ll be in our database for October 28th, you will receive an order confirmation by email. 

2. We will remind you the days before of the masterclass by email. On the day you will receive the zoom link, simply click and you'll be taken straight to the masterclass (make sure you update your zoom)


3. Zoom links will be sent 48 hours prior to Saturday, October 28th and you'll be required to register your name and email first. Any questions, email [email protected]


4. Once you are live on zoom with Koya you can expect can expect interactive exercises, and are free to ask any questions and get any feedback on the exercises, and get live coaching from her. 


5. Replays are not available to encourage you to attend live, so make sure you are available October 28th from 11-3pm EST
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