In Person Wellness Workshops In Atlanta: 


Saturday, September 9th 12-5pm EST

I'm so excited to start in-person wellness workshops again. You can choose the workshop that works best for you or enjoy the full day retreat experience.These workshops count towards your Yoga Alliance continuing education hours and are designed to assist your growth personally & professionally.You don't have to be a teacher or student to join the workshops.

Location: Seviin Yoga, 1963 Hosea L Williams Drive Northeast, 104 B, Atlanta GA, 30317

This Is For You If:

 -You want to deepen your yoga knowledge and practice.

-You want to start your wellness business or need guidance.

-You're wanting to invest time for yourself and your own wellness.

-You want to improve your skills, learn technique, modifications, variations, and sequencing.

-You're interested in implementing some chakra + energy work into your practice or offerings.  

The Results:

-Gain clarity on the yoga style you want to teach and how to find your sequencing style.

-Learn new asanas, modifications, techniques to enrich your classes.

-Gain clarity on how to launch your wellness business, and find the best business model for you.


What You Can Expect: 

Sacred Chakra Session + Wellness Entrepreneur 



 In this Sacred Chakra + Wellness Entrepreneur Workshop, you’ll deepen your understanding of the chakras and cultivate a greater sense of connection to your inner wisdom and the Universal Energy in the first half of class. In the second half of class you'll learn the skills and strategies needed to start and grow your own wellness-focused business. You'll learn about marketing, branding, business development, financial planning, and more, all with a focus on the unique challenges and opportunities that come with running a wellness business. You'll leave feeling grounded, inspired, and empowered to tap into your unique creative gifts and live a more fulfilling life. This workshop counts as a continuing education unit for yoga alliance and is included in get loved up tuition. 

Yin, Teaching Methodology + Adjustments 



Yin, Teaching Methodology + Adjustments is a workshop that focuses on the yin yoga style, which involves holding poses for several minutes to target the connective tissues of the body. In this class, you will learn about the teaching methodology and sequencing of yin yoga, as well as the proper adjustments to help students achieve deeper poses and maximize the benefits of the practice. The class will also include pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation to enhance relaxation and promote mindfulness. This class is suitable for all levels, including beginners, as modifications and variations will be offered to accommodate different levels of experience and flexibility. This workshop counts as a continuing education unit for yoga alliance and is included in get loved up tuition.

Advanced Vinyasa + Acro Yoga 



Welcome to our Advanced Vinyasa + Acro Yoga workshop! This is a dynamic and challenging class that combines the flow and strength of Vinyasa yoga with the playful and acrobatic elements of Acro Yoga. In this workshop, you will learn advanced sequencing and transitions that will take your Vinyasa practice to the next level, as well as explore the foundations of Acro Yoga and partner balances. We will focus on building trust, communication, and connection with your partner, while also working on building your own strength and flexibility. This workshop is designed for experienced yogis who want to challenge themselves and deepen their practice. Come ready to sweat, laugh, and fly! Beginners are welcome, but just know there will be a lot of offerings that might be beyond your practice so come prepared to grow and know your boundaries. 


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Yin, Teaching Methodology + Adjustments Workshop
Advanced Vinyasa + Acro Yoga Workshop
Sacred Chakra Session + Wellness Entrepreneur Workshop