In-Person Acro Yoga Workshop

October 2nd-14th In Atlanta


This 25-hour continuing education training and immersion is for teachers and practitioners looking to deepen their practice and understanding of Effective Communication, Community Building and Acro Yoga. 


In this practice intensive you will learn about and build upon the foundations of practicing Acro Yoga and the importance of Effective Communication and Community Building.


  • Beginner-Advanced Asana Breakdown
  • Effective Communication Study
  • Community Building Icebreakers
  • Introductory Acro postures
  • Dynamics of flying, basing, and spotting
  • Safety and alignment
  • The art of feedback and co-practicing


The Results

  • Learn the basic asanas of Acro-Yoga
  • Feel confident in practicing each asana
  • Learn to create sequences with each asana
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     How It Works: 


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2. We will remind you by email the days before the training with the exact address & times. 


3. For any questions, email: [email protected]

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