"It’s a spiritual practice to listen, to get in tune. First, you have to get in tune. Like a whole instrument. That attunement is what impeccable listening will do.”

-Queen Afua


Are you ready to connect with your spiritual self, embrace your unique gifts and unlock the aligned purpose-driven life you deserve to live?


Are you curious to learn a proven self awareness system to discover your inner wisdom, most authentic self and gain clarity on your life decisions?


In our current fast-paced lifestyle where we tend to look externally for answers, it's time to create the space, awaken that inner trust, and realize the power you hold, by instead looking inward to find what’s best for you, to create an intentional life aligned to your desires, using Impeccable listening as the vehicle.

What is Impeccable Listening ...


Impeccable Listening in Ancient African is known as “ Udjat,” representing the First Eye, relating to intuition. It is a self awareness tool and personal development process, created by my spiritual mother and holistic wellness expert Queen Afua, believed to have the power to divinely align you with your purpose with clarity and confidence. 


It’s an ancient truth that reinforces the fact that we all have the answers we seek within us, we just have to cultivate & practice awareness to make space for listening to that inner voice, that’s where Impeccable Listening comes in.  It represents the ability to master our intuition through a magical and mystical three step process of Asking, Listening, and Acting.


Daily Impeccable Listening is made up of tools such as meditation and channeling, holistic plant based living, energy assessments, and journaling to influence & liberate the mind, body, and spirit for creating impeccable relationships with oneself and others and live in the highest vibration.

Why it works….

Its main aim is to cultivate authenticity, inner happiness, liberation, and unlock the power to heal ourselves by living life in our own truth and highest vibration. 

It helps us create the space to finally look inward and ask for what we truly desire to create a life that is authentic to what we want. With a three part process involving Asking, listening and acting. 

Why we have chosen to do the course together..

Queen and I have decided to collaborate together on this course as we believe…
  • We combine our different approaches to healing by integrating a more diverse range of techniques.
  • I have tried and tested Queen’s Impeccable Listening method and this has taught me so much and helped me on my personal development journey, that I had to share it with you all. 


  • We both have the same vision when it comes to personal development, to help you look inward to unlock the answers for your dream life within you.

Queen Afua’s background with Impeccable Listening….


“For  60 plus years, I have been asking myself about life, family, finance, relationships, home, healing, business, marriage, and love. I wanted to know the what, the who, the when, the why, and the how. I needed answers to achieve the life I envisioned.“

This is how the technique of Impeccable listening was born. I asked, listened, and acted, mapping out the method in which Impeccable Listening became the guiding light, discovering its power for healing others.

Begin the Impeccable Listening journey today

About Queen Afua:


Queen Afua is a New York Times best selling author, holistic health practitioner, wellness coach, author of  5 best selling books, (such as: Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity and Sacred Woman: 84 Day Healing Journal) and CEO of the Queen Afua Wellness Center.

She has devoted her life to fighting diseases & cultivating healing by teaching people how to understand and utilize the power of food, self-care, impeccable listening and holistic healthy choices to create an intentional and empowering lifestyle. 

Queen Afua has inspired over 1,000,000 women, men and children throughout the United States,Canada,the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe with her workshops, books, products, and presentations.

My transformation with Impeccable Listening:


Listening impeccably has divinely guided my entire life. When I read Queen Afua‘s impeccable listening curriculum I knew this content would be a powerful guiding force and helping millions live their dreams.

Together I’ve teamed up with Queen Afua herself to share unique approaches to healing, wellness and life coaching to bring to you a unique course for learning the act of Impeccable Listening to create a life that is driven by your inner truth, and lived most intentionally.


This is for you if...


  • You’re struggling to connect with your intuition.
  • You lack clarity on what you truly desire for your life’s path.
  • You feel disconnected to your purpose.
  • You find yourself constantly looking for answers outside of yourself, feeling confused about what you truly want.
  • You’re wanting to cultivate a more spiritual & intentional lifestyle. 
  • You’re wanting to re-awaken your authentic voice.
  • You’re wanting to find your unique gifts to share with the world.
  • You feel you are needing a change in your life but don’t know where to start.


What can you expect to

learn in the course?

Module 1

The Birth of Impeccable Listening

Lesson: To set the base for how impeccable listening works, to shift your consciousness to best receive & apply the practice in the best way that works for you.

Module 2

The Liberation Journey to Impeccable Listening

Lesson: To overcome unconscious blocks or unhealthy habits by instead replacing them with healthy rituals & conscious holistic miracles, by integrating unique impeccable listening exercises for cultivating awareness, positive affirmations and having a go-to impeccable listening practice to integrate in your daily lifestyle.

Module 3 

The Impeccable Listening Process of Ask, Listen, Act

Lesson: Connecting with yourself by learning the method of listening within to identify, receive, own and share your unique gifts. 

Module 4

The Impeccable Listening Daily Holistic Lifestyle

Lesson: Create an impeccable listening lifestyle routine for integrating daily practices and having a consistent practice to strengthen self awareness long-term, and life an unapologetic lifestyle. 


Module 5

The Impeccable Listening Pendulum Energy Readings

Lesson: Discover & cultivate your intuitive powers through Impeccable Listening as the vehicle to best unlock them.

Module 6

The Impeccable Listening healing journal

Lesson: Start your healing journey by communicating and reflecting with your spiritual self through applying the impeccable listening method of; asking, listening & acting.

Final module

The Gift of Impeccable Listening

Lesson: Establish your supernatural gifts and learn when to best practice the gift of  intuitive listening in life’s different scenarios. 

What’s included?

  • Lifetime access to the course.

  • The Get Loved Up wellness membership for one year.  
  •  3 hours of guided self-paced content.

  • One live call community call with Queen Afua and Koya where you can ask questions.
  • Exclusively created content from a key holistic wellness expert with a proven track record and over 40 years of experience in facilitating healing and wellbeing.
  •  Guided exercises to create daily practices.

  •  Access to any questions via the community area.

The results?

  • Shift your consciousness towards abundance, positivity, spirituality.
  • Become conscious about your daily actions.
  • Create an intentional lifestyle lived in your own truth.
  • Open yourself up to miracles.
  • Gain clarity on your unique gifts to share with others.
  • Identify the lifestyle shifts you desire.
  • Connect to your intuition and focus on what you truly want to bring to life.
  • Get better clarity on your unique purpose.
  • Connect with your highest self.
  • Cultivate self discovery and confidence. 

Why this course?

  • Create the space & accountability to look inward for making yourself the priority and taking the best life decisions for yourself moving forward.
  • Teaches a unique, groundbreaking self awareness tool following the method from the source herself, Queen Afua.
  • Combines spirituality with tangible actions that facilitate the best lifestyle transition.
  • Learn a technique that is easily applicable to improve all areas of your life; from your relationships to your own self-awareness. 
  • Discover tools from a key holistic wellness expert with a broad approach combining expertise in  life coaching, wellness rituals, self care, and healing.

We would be so honored to have you join the Impeccable Listening journey, it will be a great tool to support your inner relationship, make more intentional life choices, and feel more in alignment.



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